Insight Meditation Center Auction


I’m so happy that these pieces will be included in the auction for the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA . I’ve never been, but as I sand, file and saw, I have let their Dharma talks calm and enlighten me. Or, at least, try to.

If this sounds interesting to you, go to to stream some of the talks.

I also just finished a 6 week Introduction to Meditation course with them. I am so thankful for the opportunity to really learn the basics of the practice. I thought I had a little knowledge of it, that I would be a quick study. It turns out I am just an infant, after all.  I think that is a fine place to start.

For these pieces, I selected a palette that was not just serene, but also had a gorgeous inner glow. I hope that wearing them is a gentle reminder to be present and be kind.


94 Pieces of Jewelry to Make

Sea Glass Bracelet

I’m working on different types of bracelets for the Summer. This is a chain bracelet with four pieces of sea foam glass. It’s a good alternative to the more elaborate ones I usually make that are 7-9 pieces of sea glass. Nice and light, this is wonderful alone or paired with a bangle or two.

95 Pieces of Jewelry to Make

Coke Bottle Blues

Today is a beautiful 81 degrees as we close out February. All I can think about is Summer and beach and taking a road trip. I love the early mornings best. On the road. Staggering into a local coffee shop. Sleepy eyed and dreamlike. Inside, the alert activity is in stark contrast to my state of being. The aroma giving me a great big hug. A sip and I begin to come to. The sun waking up with me as I drive along. Pull over. Hit the beach. It doesn’t matter where I am, really. Just beach. Just sand between my toes. Breezes and salt. Summer. Summer come soon!

99 Pieces of Jewelry to Make

Palm Tree Shadow Earrings

I’ve been playing with the way an objects shadow is its’ natural abstraction. The shapes and soft edges are very appealing and elegant. This shot is of a pair of earrings I made using rolled copper and silver wire. They are so large but so light! The rolled copper catches and reflects the light in a way that reminds me of a flickering candle.