92 Pieces of Jewelry to Make

Sea Glass Lariat


94 Pieces of Jewelry to Make

Sea Glass Bracelet

I’m working on different types of bracelets for the Summer. This is a chain bracelet with four pieces of sea foam glass. It’s a good alternative to the more elaborate ones I usually make that are 7-9 pieces of sea glass. Nice and light, this is wonderful alone or paired with a bangle or two.

95 Pieces of Jewelry to Make

Coke Bottle Blues

Today is a beautiful 81 degrees as we close out February. All I can think about is Summer and beach and taking a road trip. I love the early mornings best. On the road. Staggering into a local coffee shop. Sleepy eyed and dreamlike. Inside, the alert activity is in stark contrast to my state of being. The aroma giving me a great big hug. A sip and I begin to come to. The sun waking up with me as I drive along. Pull over. Hit the beach. It doesn’t matter where I am, really. Just beach. Just sand between my toes. Breezes and salt. Summer. Summer come soon!